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Translating the worlds of the autistic partner and the neurotypical partner for increased communication, understanding, and connection
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Corporate Consulting for Autism Spectrum

If your company is involved in Information Technology, you may already know that estimates range as high as 60% for incidence of Autism Spectrum among the workforce. In other fields, it is also more common than you might expect, and in today's adults, more often than not, even those on the autism spectrum do not realize it and do not have a formal diagnosis.

There is so much talk about AS, however, that the level of awareness about it is rising. Along with that comes a lot of confusion and misunderstanding.

I can help you to recognize it, understand it, and work with it in ways that will be to everyone's advantage. Ongoing workshops and coaching sessions can address issues specific to your own company and work environment.


There is certain workplace evidence that coincides with AS.

For example, you might see some of the following traits in staff members:

--displaying what looks like a cold and uncaring personal demeanor, which appears to others to be rude and dismissive.

--seeming to miss the meaning of jokes because of taking things literally and not understanding figures of speech that appear obvious to others.

--having apparent trouble determining priorities among various tasks, regardless of how obvious their ranking in importance may appear to be to you.

--having challenges completing a task that may seem simple and clear to you.

--having sensitivities to light, sound, smells, or textures that do not appear bothersome to other staff members.

--making blunt remarks or comments in meetings or to colleagues which to you seem obviously out of place.

--having difficulty making or maintaining eye contact which may seem as if the person is ignoring you.

--laughing loudly in a way that to you seems slightly disproportionate to the situation.

--giving the impression of not being concerned with fitting in with colleagues.

--preferring to spend work time and break time, such as lunch, in isolation.

--demonstrating patterns of speech that feel preachy or didactic to others.

--not noticing when others are not interested in pursuing a particular topic of conversation and continuing to talk about it, which seems boring and clueless to others.

Presence of these behaviors does not always equate to a diagnosis of AS. However, they are likely to show up in individuals who are on the spectrum.

Regardless of why the behaviors are present, your work environment is negatively affected by them. Why? Because not only are they confusing and difficult to manage, but they also create the groundwork for workplace bullying. That not only effect your efficacy but also your bottom line. 

Seeking solutions now can help you reduce worker turnover, eliminate potential collapse in worker morale, and provide creative additional uses for your training dollars.


By giving you and your team a clear understanding of AS, I can guide you and address any questions you have about creating the ideal workplace for your employees who are on the spectrum. This also will have a positive effect on those who are not.

I can also provide workshops to your employees to help them understand and work with colleagues who demonstrate any of the above-mentioned traits, regardless of whether they are on the spectrum. In fact, it is important to note that all the behaviors identified here can also be explained in ways other than AS, so the greater topic here is the advantage of giving your employees skills for dealing with difficulties they encounter in others, and which, perhaps to their own surprise, others may encounter in them.


When I work with your company, we will tailor our work specifically to your organization's culture, industry, and concerns. Fees will be determined by the scope of the work we decide to undertake together.

I am happy to talk with you and to provide options that demonstrate how we might work together.

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