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Translating the worlds of the autistic partner and the neurotypical partner for increased communication, understanding, and connection
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Woman Standing on Docks

For the Person on the Autism Spectrum


It really doesn’t matter whether you have an actual diagnosis. If the traits that identify Autism Syndrome seem to resonate with you, then discovering ways to relieve them will be beneficial to you in both your personal and your professional life.

With coaching, you can learn to interpret and understand language and intentions when your perceptions may be frustratingly different from those of others in your life.

Your natural way of processing information is most likely cognitive. This means that you interpret reality through your thoughts. You think things through and come to logical conclusions.

Neurotypical individuals do this, as well. However, they can also rely more heavily on information that comes to them by way of intuition.

For example, it is estimated that upwards of 70% of communication is nonverbal. Your skills are highly literal, and your method of comprehending what another is saying most likely relies upon the words themselves.

What do you do about that other 70%?

This includes facial expressions, tone of voice, figurative speech, body language, gesture, breathing, pace of speech, pitch of speech, volume, and all other aspects that are not directly conveyed by the definitions of the words being spoken.

If you identify with being on the autism spectrum, you most likely experience problems with some or all of these additional sources of information. It can cause you to miss things that seem obvious to others.

I can help you learn to decode social cues which may confuse you now. I can also help you identify behaviors of your own which may not be serving you well, so that you can modify them or choose to eliminate them.

Together, we can approach any aspect of your life which you find daunting as a result of AS.

In your personal life…

If you are in a committed relationship, it is likely that your AS is most visible here. You may experience many frustrations in interpersonal communication with the person you love most of all.

If you are dating and seeking a partner, you may find certain aspects of this world baffling. Together, we can look at what might be confusing you. I can help you develop an  approach to this process that reduces your fears and honors  your integrity.

In your professional life…

       You may have difficulties figuring out which aspects of a task are most important, and this might make it confusing for you to determine priorities.

       You may be challenged when it comes to completing one thing before moving on to the next.

       You might not be certain when to ask for help, or may resist doing so at all.

       I can help you understand executive function and ways to address these concerns.




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