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Translating the worlds of the autistic partner and the neurotypical partner for increased communication, understanding, and connection
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How Couple Coaching Works

When we enter into a coaching relationship, we generally begin with couple sessions. These are exploratory. You will already have completed the Client Information forms, so I will already have information regarding your reasons for seeking coachiing. We will use the first session to expand this so that we are all clear on our reasons for working together.

Then we will discuss how it actually works.

Since this is couple work, most of our sessions will be for the three of us. Between the couple sessions, however, are individual sessions with each partner. During these individual sessions, we talk about the specific issues and goals of each partner. We discuss previous pitfalls. The early phase of our coaching relationship will involve a great deal of education about the nature of the experience of being on the autism spectrum, or of being in a relationship with a person who is. This is helpful so that everyone understands what we are talking about and what we are looking at for planning the future.

Subsequent couple sessions are opportunities to discuss what has gone well, what has not gone so well, and to determine the individual components that are useful and those which have not been useful in creating more effective communication.

I like to ask individuals to keep notes between sessions. This way, small events or thoughts are captured and can be brought up during a session.

The direction and focus of the sessions are directly related to the couple's stated goals and their own sense of progress.

I am here to offer creative solutions and methods, to hold you accountable for the path you decide to follow, and to support you when things are going well, and when they feel as if they are not going so well.


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